Mapping the Murals of Pacoima

Muralist Levi Ponce in front of his “Lady of the Valley.” Photo courtesy of

It can get confusing keeping up with all the murals cropping up on Van Nuys Boulevard, especially considering the rate at which they’re being produced. Levi Ponce, the artist behind a majority of the pieces, has begun 2013 with even more vigor than he had at the end of 2012. 

The media has finally caught up with Levi’s prolific work. Just this month, he was featured on MSN, CNN, KCET and Good Day L.A.

Levi knows we can hardly keep up with him, so he created a Google map of his murals, along with murals by other artists that are on or near Van Nuys Boulevard in Pacoima. You can visit his website to monitor the changes as they happen.

To help you sort things out, I’m providing the cross streets and reference points for some of the art along Pacoima’s “Mural Mile.”

Murals by Levi Ponce and community

A. Lady of the Valley: Van Nuys Boulevard and Arleta Avenue (on the right-hand side if traveling west toward Arleta)

B. Born in the East Valley: Van Nuys Boulevard and Bartee Avenue (on Bartee Avenue, left-hand side if traveling west toward Bartee)

C. The Day the Music Died: Van Nuys Boulevard and Telfair Avenue (next to Bobo’s)

D. Danny Trejo: Van Nuys Boulevard and Tamarack Avenue (on the other side of the Mona Lisa)

E. Pacoima Art Revolution: Van Nuys Boulevard and Tamarck Avenue (on the other side of Danny Trejo)

F. Pacoima Kahlo: Van Nuys Boulevard and Ralston Avenue (on the right-hand side if traveling east on Van Nuys Boulevard)

G. Girl with Hoop Earring: Van Nuys Boulevard and Lev Avenue (right before Lady of the Valley if traveling west, on Lev)

H. Pacoima Neighborhood Mural: Laurel Canyon and Hoyt Street (right before Van Nuys Boulevard if traveling north on Laurel Canyon)

Murals by other artists and community

1. Ritchie Valens by Hector Ponce: Van Nuys Boulevard and Amboy Avenue

2. Songs of my Father

3. La Virgen de Guadalupe by Hector Ponce and Mute: Van Nuys Boulevard and Tamarack Avenue (across the street from Danny Trejo)

4. Mi Vida, Mi Cultura by Kristy Sandoval and R@h Hernandez: Van Nuys Boulevard and Ralston Avenue (across the street from Frida)

5. Assata Shakur by Kristy Sandoval and all-female volunteers: Van Nuys Boulevard and Pala Avenue (on the right-hand side if traveling west)

6. MEND Community Mural

7. Cultures in Our Community

8. Heritage Mural

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6 Responses to "Mapping the Murals of Pacoima"

  1. elizabeth says:

    This was an amazing experience. My son is an aspiring graffiti artist who took pics and wrote a cultural paper about his experience for his Spanish class.

  2. Shannon says:

    Love the website and this posting. Would love to collar sometime. Also, check out the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

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    […] miss the first few seconds — you can see them walking on Van Nuys Boulevard in front of Levi Ponce’s “Lady of the Valley” mural. Related Posts :Silent Bike Ride to Honor SFV Hit-and-Run Vic… Celebrating Words Festival […]

  4. A Womyn’z Place Iz In Tha Struggle | Moorbey'z Blog says:

    […] womyn. Located at 13161 Van Nuys Boulevard, Pacoima, CA 91331 Freedom Fighter is part of Pacoima’s Mural Mile that runs along Van Nuys Blvd. from Glenoaks Blvd. to Arleta […]


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