Food Trucks to Visit San Fernando

You may have heard the rumors and I’m here to confirm them: San Fernando will soon have a food truck night at the San Fernando Mall.

Following the examples set by Granada Hills and North Hollywood, the San Fernando Mall Association hopes to make the city of San Fernando a weekly destination. Over 20 food trucks will set up on San Fernando Road between Maclay Avenue and Brand Boulevard.

I’m excited for the event on Thursday, Nov. 15, 5 p.m.-9 p.m., even if it is a little late on the whole food-truck craze. No word on the trucks that’ll make an appearance, but I’m just glad I can order something other than tacos and then take a stroll over to the Valley Wing Pit (should it be open by then).

Update (Nov. 15): Below are the confirmed trucks for the first food truck night in San Fernando.

Nincom Soup
Patty Wagon
In Fusion
Germany’s Famous Bratwurst
Meat the Greek
Stop Guac N Roll
A Los Crepes
Corn Heaven
Crepe N Around
Street Kitchen

Show some support and swing by; it’s the only way to convince the ruling class that us paisanos like these type of offerings and want to see more of the same.

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i am san fernando is April Aguirre, a writer born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. April bounced around the Valley throughout her upbringing and lived outside of California for a quick minute but always felt most at home in the city of San Fernando. To get at April's heart, FedEx puppies to her door, offer In-N-Out cheeseburgers by the dozen or introduce her to a beer tastier than the last.

15 Responses to "Food Trucks to Visit San Fernando"

  1. really? says:

    I’m sure the already struggling local restaurants are gonna LOVE this idea.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for the article. We at the downtown are working hard to make this event and this town a success. And FYI, the local restaurants are eager to see hundreds of new customers wandering around town checking them out. If they are smart, they will offer specials and attract the new business.

  3. JQM says:

    Seems like a great idea, I have gone to the one in Granada Hills. Some of the food is not a deal, bratwurst
    not that great and the price is expensive. Corn on the cob is too expensive too! Come on guys if you want customers offer good deals and great prices! You get a better corn on the cob from street vendors and a great hot dog too!

    • i am san fernando. says:

      I agree! I always research the trucks for ratings before buying. Some trucks have sit-down restaurant prices for mediocre food. But others are pretty bomb! Can’t beat corn on the cob from street vendors and L.A. dirty dogs, though. ; )

  4. AMA says:

    Boo, worse food truck experience to date. Only 10 trucks showed up (instead of 20) at least 3 trucks ran out of food and either left or stopped taking orders. The crepe guy ran out of batter and took WAY too long. I was there for 1 1/2 hours and only got 1 crepe. I think they seriously underestimated SF residents, what a shame. I’ll try 1 more time, hopefully they get it together next week

  5. clinton pearson says:

    how do we enter our truck in this event for this coming thursday

  6. Valley Wing Pit Finally Opens Tonight! | i am san fernando. says:

    […] is also the weekly food truck event at the San Fernando Mall, so it might not be a bad idea to grab a bite at the trucks before heading […]

  7. Christmas Tree Lighting This Thursday in San Fernando | i am san fernando. says:

    […] San Fernando has Christmas on its mind, too. This Thursday, Dec. 6, is the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Maclay Avenue and First Street. Be there at 6 p.m. to see the city light up. After the festivities, you can walk on over to the San Fernando Mall for the weekly food truck night. […]

  8. mt says:

    I think its way past due…even though its winter right now, its good to see members of the community coming together to show their support. Come out & support your S.F. TIGERS on Jan. 31.


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