Flippers at Work in the San Fernando Valley Real Estate Market

The rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods of Highland Park and Glassell Park in northeast Los Angeles are well-known havens for flippers. It’s been happening there for the past several years–older homes in original condition are purchased by an investor, given a new coat of paint and some high-end appliances, and resold within a year for a huge markup.

While no single neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley real estate market has garnered quite as much attention as the trendy ‘hoods in NELA, flipping still happens here. Take a look at the examples below. Each of these homes were bought and then re-sold within one year. They all appeared back on the market with some modest renovations and at a least an additional $100k added to the price tag.


14243 Carl St. Resold in 4 months at $100k markup

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13835 Wingo St. Resold in 5 months at $100k markup

12780 Eustace St. Resold in 4 months at $200k markup









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San Fernando

1909 7th St. Resold in 11 months at a $170k markup

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13852 Tucker Ave. Resold in 3 months at a $130k markup

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Property history provided by Redfin 

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Jeffery Marino is a Southern California native who has lived all over the Golden State and currently resides in Los Angeles. He first developed his passion for real estate and economics while earning his M.A. in comparative literature and critical theory at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Jeffery has been studying and writing about the California real estate market for over five years and remains fascinated by the many challenges Californians face when it comes to finding suitable and affordable housing.

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