You Know You’re From Sylmar When…

First came the tell-tale signs that divided the San Fernandoans from the San Fernandonots. “You Know You’re From San Fernando When…” had the comments section filled with die-hard San Fernando memories that dated further and further back. Now, it’s Sylmar’s turn.

So what makes you a tried-and-true olivemonger? A “neither-earthquake-nor-fire-will-stop-me,” horseback-riding, Caruso’s-regular type of Sylmar resident?

Well, you tell me. I came up with a list of 20 reasons that hint at what might make you bleed Sylmar, but I’m no expert. All the Sylmar residents stand up, and add your own reasons in the comments section below or on i am san fernando’s Facebook page.

You Know You’re From Sylmar When…

1. Horses get the right of way at crosswalks.

2. You’ve wondered how an impressive automotive museum ended up smack in the middle of your neighborhood.

3. You know at least one person who works or goes to school at Mission College.

4. El Cariso Park on Thanksgiving morning is as traditional as turkey.

5. You would never claim Rancho Cascades.

6. Olives.

7. (Ladies) You know at least part of your payday will be spent at Fashion Gal.

8. You deal with U.S.A. Fitness because you can’t beat $14 a month.

9. You’ve gone for a round at Ballerz Batting Cages.

10. You’ve wished the Metrolink train station was an MTA subway station.

11. You’ve had your dog groomed at a warehouse.

12. You’ve been spooked/unimpressed with Gravity Hill.

13. Your team has celebrated at Shakey’s.

14. Fine dining time = Casa Torres

15. You’ve been to Tia Chucha’s for a book reading/open mic session/solstice ceremony.

16. You’ve had bad Chinese food after a trip to Sam’s Club.

17. You’ve hit the Jack-in-the-Box on Foothill for a late-night craving.

18. You’ve had better luck parking in Hollywood than at the Sylmar Library.

19. You’ve  seen a view of the Valley from Veterans Park.

20. You’re about 15 minutes away from a hike, roller coaster, mall and horse trail.

written by

i am san fernando is April Aguirre, a writer born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. April bounced around the Valley throughout her upbringing and lived outside of California for a quick minute but always felt most at home in the city of San Fernando. To get at April's heart, FedEx puppies to her door, offer In-N-Out cheeseburgers by the dozen or introduce her to a beer tastier than the last.

13 Responses to "You Know You’re From Sylmar When…"

  1. Joe says:

    all true lol…a few more for the list:

    1. (Gentleman) You know at least part of your payday will be spent at New Star

    2. R.I.P. Bobo’s, Music & T-Shirts and Peter Pipers Pizza

    3. You know at least one person who works or has worked at UPS

    4. You get annoyed that Sub Queen is cash only, no ATM or credit

    5. Tacos Don Cuco, need I say more?

    6. Costco has a gas station, why doesn’t Sams Club?

    7. You stare at the pimped out trucks outside Omar’s Wheels & Tires on Foothill & Maclay

    8. The parking lot at Vallarta is just as bad as at the San Fernando swapmeet on weekends

    9. You’ve been to the house on Chippewa Street to see the cross in the window

  2. juan saez says:

    oh lord, # 9, ive done that.

  3. Yaotl says:

    Your an ol skool Sylmar head when..

    1. You have an orange or lemon tree in your back yard.
    2. You have enjoyed Kwik sandwiches your whole life.
    3. You remember when there was a golf course where Motel 6 and the business complexes are now.
    4 You know what Honda hills is.
    5. You remember when Sylmar’s demographic was half hick and half Mexican.
    6. It was normal for your friends mom, your teacher, and the cops to call you a beaner.
    6. You know what “Patty day” is.
    7. You know that a Sylmar party can go on all night long with a slim chance that cops will break it up.
    8. You know where Charles Manson left his wallet during Helter Skelter.
    9. You used to auto access the fire road behind Veterans park to drive all the way up the mountain.
    10. You used to traverse the flood tunnels behind the golf course.

    • Yaotl says:

      I love all the previous Sylmar points too! Freekin hilarious!

    • Yaotl says:

      10. You used to traverse the flood tunnels behind the former golf course.

    • i am san fernando. says:

      You’re hardcore Sylmar! I kind of want to do some of these things now, since I never would’ve done them as a kid.

    • tricky says:

      1.dwaft lemmon tree inside my house
      2.usally my first stop through town for a kwick sandwich
      3.caught a squirrel on my way out of the tunnel in the golf coarse where motel six is
      4.rode my stingray down king kong the east side of honda hills
      5.having a mexican friend was a novelty
      7.sylmar had the best garage bands then the chattsworth tunnel
      9.rode my stingrayto the nike base
      10.polk st alumni 1968 1979
      11.thrifty ice cream 5 cents a scoop

  4. Debbie says:

    You have had to stop for chickens crossing Polk.

  5. Gabrs says:

    You forgive CJ Gable for being a trojan….

  6. Rebecca says:

    You know what an emu sounds like.
    You can hear the train
    You know about the giraffe
    What? “Thrifty’s” isn’t even there any more?!
    You thought the El Casriso Fair was the greatest thing ever! and cheap.

  7. darlene westman says:

    Back in the fifty’s , my bf. And l planted flowers in the Pieoneer Cemetary,. That was our play ground, Then we spent the summer, pulling our wagon full of water, to water them ,some of them grew. We also picked and sold olives, again with the wagon. All the streets were dirt, except, foothill,polk,borden, I remember when they paved glenoaks. My dad put in a big pool, but we still went to pops willow lake every chance we had, (foothill & orcas st.) I lived on foothill between tyler& bledsoe,rode my horse everwhere, no freeways, l rode the bus to morningside school,Sylmar didn’t have a school, they built one in1950. Sylmar on borden&polk, I still love Sylmar!!!

  8. Linda says:

    You had to exit the 210 on Foothill so the kids could see what the Giraffe was doing.


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